Hello! I am Xamara, I have been blogging  for a while, you can check my blog  Travelmystories.com. Beside writing, and travel I love to take pictures, so I thought of creating another webpage just for my pics. PhotoLifeStories is a blog without words where the photos are the one doing all the talking and telling the stories. Hope you enjoy my pictures. If you like any of my pictures and you wanted any of them for your own use contact me.

Thank you!

Xamara Maisonet

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Yacoob says:

    Is this one College Fjord in Alaska?


    1. Xamara L Maisonet says:

      Hello Yacoob! I am sorry but I am not sure what are you referring to?


      1. Yacoob says:

        Hi. The picture on this About page. It looks like a location in Alaska. Just wondering where it was taken.


      2. Xamara L Maisonet says:

        Oh! Yes Yacoob, this is in Glacier Bay National Park Alaska


      3. Yacoob says:

        Thanks. Awesome place.


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