Who Is The Leader ?

It amaze me to see the coordination between birds flying in formation. I wonder if one of them is the leader, or they just enjoy the ride on the wind waves and nobody cares who leads. Are they are trying to accomplish something as a team where discipline is required or they just enjoy flying…

The Different Faces of Charleston

Please, visit my collection and explore the different faces of Charleston, South Carolina. We are limited at this time to travel physically but virtually we don’t have limitations. Charleston, South Carolina Xamlinnette

A Trip To My Bookshelf

Most of the time we just focus on the big picture, but looking at the small pictures within the big picture we can find beautiful meaningful details.

Group Night Walk

Experimenting, grain and out of focus… why not? πŸ€“ Xamlinnette

Elegant Sandhill Crane

I do many stop while biking to take pictures of animals and nature. Today I present the elegant sandhill crane!