Who Is The Leader ?

It amaze me to see the coordination between birds flying in formation. I wonder if one of them is the leader, or they just enjoy the ride on the wind waves and nobody cares who leads. Are they are trying to accomplish something as a team where discipline is required or they just enjoy flying together without not reason? I don’t know but it’s fascinating watching them sliding through the sky moving at the same time between each other in great synchronization.

In my curiosity, I tried to look up close through my camera to see the details of their body completely straight. Their wings extended with the end of the tips with separate feathers like fingers. Their faces are kind of serious but their eyes looked down once in a while, I felt like they were looking at me. I normally realize all this details when I later on study my pictures. I wish I have a better quality glass lenses to be able, to capture more details. For now we can enjoy what my lenses is able to capture right now. 😉



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